President Duterte releases matrix on illegal drug trade at New Bilibid Prisons

President Duterte releases matrix on illegal drug trade at New Bilibid Prisons

DAVAO CITY -– President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday released a matrix showing the alleged links of top government officials in the illegal drugs operation inside the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

The much-awaited release of the drug matrix, which the President mentioned a few days ago, included the names of Senator Leila De Lima, who the President already tagged in illegal drug operation; a certain Ronie P. Dayan; Usec Toti Baraan; ProvAd (Provincial Administrator) Raffy Baraan; Cong. Amado T. Espino; BM Board Member) Raul P. Sison and Gen. Franklin Bucayo.

In the matrix, an arrow pointing to Dayan, who is described as the boyfriend of De Lima since the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) days, reportedly started as driver and is now known as “Boss De Lima” or case fixer in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan of well-known politicians.

The matrix shows Dayan or Ronnie Palisoc Dayan received a monthly payola from Gen. Bucayo through SPO1 Palisoc of Police Regional Office 1.

Dayan is an alleged known user in Urbiztondo. He was reportedly given a house and lot, Montero, Kia Sedan, money and employed Jonathan Cardeso Canto at the Department of Justice.

From Dayan, the arrow points to BM Sison then to Cong. Espino. From De Lima, one arrow points to Bucayo, who was reportedly designated as Philippine National Police (PNP) regional director of PRO 1 thru the help of De Lima.

The matrix says that from retirement, Bucayo was appointed as BUCOR (Bureau of Corrections chief. He resigned because of alleged involvement in illegal drugs. From Bucayo, the arrow points to Cong. Espino.

Another arrow from De Lima points to Toti Baraan, who is described as trusted undersecretary of De Lima and in-charge as supervisor of Bucor. From Toti, an arrow points to Raffy Baraan, who is described in the matrix as loyal follower of Cong. Espino and brother of Toti Baraan. Raffy was dismissed by the Ombudsman because of black sand mining and quarrying.

The matrix states that Raffy was used by Cong. Espino to cover all illegal activities.

Cong. Espino is described in the matrix as the former Governor of Pangasinan, now the Congressman of the 5th District of Pangasinan. He was charged with plunder on bail on an illegal mining case; allegedly involved in black sand mining, quarrying and jueteng.

Quoting BM Raul Sison, the matrix says “Gov. Espino is the richest politician in Northern Luzon and he has amassed unexplained wealth.

In a press briefing prior to the release of the matrix, the President lambasted De Lima over the investigation of extra-judicial killings in the senate. He recalled how De Lima connected him to the Davao Death Squad (DDS) and until now the senator keeps on talking about the issue without even showing proof.

The President hinted to the end of De Lima’s political career. “De Lima is undergoing a nightmare now. Tama na yun sa akin (That’s enough for me),” he told reporters in the press briefing outside of Ahfat restaurant at Victoria Plaza.

The President later released the matrix to reporters at past 2 am Thursday in his residence. Lilian Mellejor/PNA/