President Duterte inclined to put PHP2-M bounty for ‘ninja’ cops protecting drug syndicates

President Duterte inclined to put PHP2-M bounty for ‘ninja’ cops protecting drug syndicates

MANILA — Saying the illegal drug has infected every nook and corner of the country, President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Monday that he is inclined to place a PHP2 million bounty for the head of ‘ninja’ cops or police officers who are protecting drug syndicates.

”Today, I might be inclined to place a reward on their head, the members of the ninjas, or the police who are protecting drug syndicates in this country and I’m placing per head PHP2 million,” President Duterte said in his speech during the National Heroes Day celebration at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City.

The President said the illegal drug problem is huge that even some generals, police officers and local government officials particularly mayors and barangay captains “are into it.”

”If the military will not do its part and will leave it to the police alone, we cannot ever, ever suppress the drug problem,” the President said.

”I want the police and the military to destroy the apparatus in this country. We all know that the Philippines is also a transshipment of so many countries. I could have just a matrix in front of you, then, maybe you will start to believe,” he added.

In front of the brave Filipino soldiers who died for country, President Duterte promised to protect the military and the police who will join in his relentless fight against drugs, corruption and crimes.

”I dedicate in front of the brave Filipino soldiers who died for us and I will continue to honor them and this message I have imparted to the soldiers and police, you will have my support, you will have all the things to fight criminals,” the President said.

”I said I will fight criminality and drugs because most of the criminal acts are really on the account of drug menace. So I will not relent, the campaign will be continuous and I will be harsh as I can ever be. I will finish this problem of drugs, corruption and crimes,” he added.

The President said he will take “full legal responsibility” for those police and military personnel who will fight criminals in pursuit of law and order.

”You do not have to worry about the criminal liability. I will go to prison for you. Just do it according to the book. If you are press down, then do not worry, just call my name and I will be there to protect you,” the President assured, drawing applause from the audience of diplomatic corps, military, police, lawmakers and retirees as well as veterans.

However, the President had this warning to the corrupt police, judges and prosecutors: “There will be always a day of reckoning.”

The President had earlier named some top police officials and local officials allegedly linked to the illegal drug trade. Jelly Musico/PNA/