President Duterte honors, lauds sacrifices of wounded soldiers in Mindanao

President Duterte honors, lauds sacrifices of wounded soldiers in Mindanao

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao — President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday honored eight soldiers injured in a clash with Moro bandits while implementing anti-drug operation in North Cotabato on August 14.

In his second visit to this camp, the President assured officers, women and men of the 6th Infantry Division that he will continue his campaign against illegal drugs.

From Awang airport, the President proceeded directly to Camp Siongco Hospital where he met and talked to wounded soldiers, all belonging to 6th Infantry Division Reconnaisance Unit.

He lauded the soldiers for their bravery and gallantry and vowed to provide them the necessary assistance, especially financial aid, for the families of slain soldiers and wounded personnel.

Duterte, stressing he is from Mindanao and has Muslim blood, also reiterated his desire to attain lasting peace in the island.

“We must stop killing each other,” he told soldiers and civilian employees of the Army division after visiting the wounded infantrymen.

He also assured the soldiers that as long as he is the President “you have nothing to worry.”

“You will have life saving equipment…for all military hospitals to treat wounded soldiers,” he said as the government forces applauded.

“The presidential jet will be yours, even president Fokker planes to be used for military emergency operations,” he said, and again, the soldiers applauded.

Aside from the relentless campaign against illegal drugs, Duterte assured the soldiers his campaign against corruption in government is as relentless.

“I really hate corruption,” he said.

After his visit here, Duterte flew to Davao City for another speaking engagement. Edwin Fernandez/PNA/