President Duterte declares all appointive gov’t positions vacant

President Duterte declares all appointive gov’t positions vacant

DAVAO CITY — Except for secretary and undersecretary posts, President Rodrigo Duterte declared vacant all the positions in the government with presidential appointments to further cleanse the ranks of the public service down to the regional level.

At a press conference after midnight Sunday at the Presidential Guesthouse in Panacan, Duterte said those officials, who were appointed by a president must consider themselves resigned effective immediately. His order did not include civil career service eligible who would still undergo normal procedures if found responsible or liable of graft and corruption.

“If you are there because of the presidential appointments, I will declare all your positions all throughout the country vacant. You know why? Until now, in my provincial visits, I still hear corruption being committed by people especially in the regulatory agencies,” he said.

President Duterte cited again the agencies like the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) which had been in his list of most corrupt agencies.

The president even called out on one LTFRB official whose name he cannot remember to “come to me and see me in Malacañang.”

“The LTO and those who are appointed to that positions of LTO except the career, consider your positions vacant as of this hour. All of them…lahat (all). It will number in thousand. Consider yourself in the crucible of truth about corruption in this country,” he declared.

The President explained that he hates doing it but he still continues to receive complaints but he cannot go after each and everyone of them.

“If I go there everyday, I would not have time to be President and sit there and make crucial decisions for the country. So I will declare all the position — there are the assistant. There’s always a deputy or even the first clerk, they can take over until such time I decide whether I will dispose of you or not,” he stressed.

He reminded that he has the promise to give the Filipino people a clean government and “it would maybe, along the way, cost the employment of some who are really the corrupt.

“If I go there once, twice, and still I hear about complaints, and if you are a presidential appointee, meaning to say I appoint you or you were appointed by the previous president, but the appointing authority has the power to appoint and the power to dismiss, without any reason, except that loss of confidence in your ability to deliver your mandate,” he emphasized.

It may be recalled that on Friday, LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra announced the resignation of LTFRB XI Director Benjamin Go and the filing of retirement by LTFRB XI Administrative Officer Edgar Violan after a spot audit conducted nationwide of all LTFRB transactions showing several case folders with alleged questionable franchise issuance and which were brought to Manila for further investigation.

Delgra together with Board member Atty. Aileen Lizada-Lopez met with officials and employees of LTFRB XI on August 11 followed by a reshuffling of employees and directors once he completes consultation and meetings in all regional offices on September.

Delgra, who was among the first appointees of the Duterte administration had been instructed by President Duterte to rid the agency of corruption. Delgra said there is an ongoing investigation within LTFRB nationwide.

“We will be fair. We will be feared,” Delgra assured in reference to conducting investigations.

Lopez said a nationwide review of the agency’s work showed there are spurious decisions made by some LTFRB officials. While she would not however refer to a particular regional office, Lopez said one regional office in Luzon would collect as high as P200,000 for one franchise.

Delgra warned that those accused of money-making activities in LTFRB will not go unpunished as there have been complaints and information that some of the employees and directors are having alleged alliances with fixers inside and outside the agency especially on application of franchises.

Delgra confirmed the system and money-making activities within the LTFRB is unimaginable that when he asked employees and officials if the statement of President Duterte that it is a corrupt agency is true – he only got a long silence.

He said even former regional directors have alliances in fixing activities that despite incomplete documents, some operators hold franchises.

“We break the butter” referring to alleged SOPs for processing of franchising and other documents.

Lopez said a review of the agency’s work showed there are spurious decisions made by some LTFRB officials.

While she would not however refer to a particular regional office, Lopez said one regional office would collect as high as PHP200,000 for one franchise.

While there is cleansing of the ranks, Delgra said they are continuously working on improving the system of LTFRB and cut on processing time. The LTFRB is now using log books to pinpoint responsibility in delay of applications. Lilian Mellejor/PNA/