President Duterte considers grant of presidential pardon to elderly prisoners

MANILA – After granting actor Robin Padilla with executive clemency, President Rodrigo Duterte is also contemplating on giving similar presidential pardon to elderly prisoners “if they still want to go home.”

”I am contemplating. They are preparing it,” President Duterte said when asked if he will grant similar executive clemency to the ageing detainees in the country.

”All the elderly and those who have illness, those with rheumatism, they can no longer run, those 80-years-old above. If they still want, if they still have family to go, I will grant them pardon also so that they can return,” he added.

President Duterte said the prisoners serving sentence for 40 years already also “deserved to be out.”

The President said it is also one way to “decongest jails” in the country amid his all-out war against illegal drugs and criminality.

President Duterte granted Padilla with absolute pardon following their meeting last Tuesday night at Malacanang Palace.

The President explained that the executive clemency would restore all of the actor’s political and civil rights, including privilege to travel abroad.

”The pardon is restoration of all of his political and civil rights….he has suffered enough,” the President said.

Padilla was convicted for illegal possession of firearms in 1994 but was released three years later after former President Fidel V. Ramos granted the actor conditional pardon.

With the executive clemency granted on Padilla, Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella said the actor “may now run for any public office and may also exercise his right to vote.”

”He is also eligible to be appointed to any public position or office,” Abella said.

Padilla wanted to travel to the United States to visit his wife, television host Mariel Rodriguez, who gave birth to a baby girl. Jelly Musico/