Pres. Duterte’s promise not to curse anymore is ‘answered prayer’ – Sen. Cayetano

MANILA — Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday called President Rodrigo Duterte’s promise not to curse anymore an answered prayer.

”For me, it’s an answered prayer because I had a chance to pray with him and for him in Japan because he had work with me and I asked him, can we pray? And we prayed about a couple of things,” Cayetano told reporters during a media briefing in Malacañang.

As chairman of the Senate committee on foreign relations, Cayetano joined President Duterte in his foreign trips to Laos, Indonesia, Brunei, China and Japan.

On their flight back to the Philippines following his three-day official visit to Japan, President Duterte said he heard a voice from above, telling him, “You know if you don’t stop epithets, I will bring this plane down now.”

President Duterte said he made a promise to God that he would no longer utter such words “because a promise to God is a promise to the Filipino people”.

”The Lord works in mysterious ways. I don’t know if it had anything to do with it but going home, he was really tired,” Cayetano said.

The senator noted that although President Duterte is blurting out expletives every time he responds to accusations against him, he is actually “a deep spiritual person”.

”He’s not religious but he believes in God. He doesn’t do the rituals or traditions of traditional religions but he talks to our Lord and he prays,” Cayetano said.

He said uttering cuss words is part of President Duterte’s strategy to get the attention of people, even the international community and leaders, as he faces the gargantuan war against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.

”Some people confuse the President’s tactics or strategy with the present President’s foreign policy. President Duterte is fighting so hard and that is why he gets easily angry when there are moves to stop him or stop us in our drug war or to stop us from achieving our goals,” Cayetano explained.

Cayetano, who celebrated his birthday on Friday, was President Duterte’s vice presidential running mate during the national elections last May 9. Jelly Musico/