Pres. Duterte says drug syndicates may have shifted to kidnapping

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte vowed Friday he will crush criminality as drug syndicates may have resorted to kidnapping activities.

President Duterte said the government’s war on drugs has cut the supply of drugs.

He warned the people to be more careful, noting that there had been reports of kidnapping incidents in the past weeks.

The President meanwhile said that the government would need a huge amount per year for the rehabilitation of drug dependents, to cover their medical, rehabilitation and other expenses.

He reiterated that there will be no letup in his campaign against the drug menace and criminality until the end of his term, even if it will cost him his life and the presidency.

In another development, the President expressed his willingness to step down from the presidency if Congress could hasten his appeal for a shift to federalism from the present unitary form of government.

President Duterte has consistently stated that federalism will usher growth and development and will thus bring lasting peace to the country.

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