Pres. Duterte ‘orders’ shoot-to-kill vs narco-politicians

DAVAO CITY — President Rodrigo Duterte issued Friday a ‘shoot-to-kill’ order against narco-politicians and police officers tagged as illegal drug protectors.

The President even warned that there will be no due process for narco politicians. “Sa bibig ko walang (Only in my mouth) due process due process,” he said when asked if the shoot-to-kill order is for those armed and dangerous.

Pres. Duterte issued the statement after visiting the police chief of Magsaysay town, Davao del Sur, Ricky Boy Remoroza, who remains in critical condition for two gunshot wounds in the chest and abdomen he sustained in a drug operation against a drug pusher.

The police chief was shot while serving a warrant of arrest against a suspected drug pusher.

In an interview at past 1 a.m. Friday, the president expressed his regret over the incident, as he promised to again name the mayors and police officials in the watchlist after he returns from Cebu Friday.

The President has been reiterating his strong stance against illegal drugs, crime and corruption. He said narco- politicians and police will die first in his war against drugs.

In his speech before environment stakeholders and students and the Ateneo de Davao University on Thursday afternoon, Pres. Duterte admitted his war against illegal drugs is drawing criticisms from human rights advocates.

“You know I used to be or I am the favorite whipping boy of the human rights people. Let me explain to you, honestly, candid, truthful, I hate to kill a human being. I am not just up to it, actually. It pains me to see grief in anybody’s heart,” he admitted.

But the President said he has to do something for the country emphasizing that illegal drugs have flourished over the years.

“One year of shabu use, rehabilitation is no longer viable,” he said. If PDEA recorded about three million drug addicts three years ago, the list must have increased to 3.7 (million), he said.

“Anong gawin natin dito sa adik na 3.7 (What will we do with 3.7 addicts?” he quipped.

The President said he has been warning people into illegal drug activities to stop because he would use extreme measures in stopping it knowing the gravity of the situation. Lilian Mellejor/PNA/