Pres. Duterte in full control of drug war — Palace

MANILA — Malacanang said on Friday that President Rodrigo Duterte is in full control of his strong war against illegal drugs throughout the Philippines.

Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Martin Andanar made this reaction after an international news website The Guardian posted a story which described President Duterte’s anti-illegal drugs campaign as “out of control” and that the President needs to be stopped.

“President Rodrigo Duterte is in full control of the drug war,” Andanar said in a press statement.

Andanar based his statement from 1,017,869 drug personalities who voluntarily surrendered to the authorities for the last six months.

“The December 3-6 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed that nine out of ten Filipinos believe the drug problem has declined in their areas since the President took office,” Andanar said.

The same SWS survey showed that 77 percent of Filipinos gave an excellent rating to President’s drug war.

“Public support for and trust in the President remain high as people feel secure in their homes, in the streets, day and night. Incidents of homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, and carnapping have gone down. Index crime volume decreased 31.67 percent from July to November 2016 compared to the same period in 2015,” Andanar said.

Andanar said The Guardian’s call for economic sanctions by foreign countries on the Philippines is uncalled for.

“Threats of withdrawal of development aid and other forms of assistance are totally unfounded,” Andanar said.

He said the President remains undaunted “as he will never compromise the dignity of the nation for foreign aid.”

“There is an enormous drug problem in the Philippines and he is trying his best to keep the country from becoming a narco-state. We hope that other countries will treat the Philippines as a sovereign nation and with mutual respect,” Andanar said.

President Duterte’s war on drug has resulted in the arrest of over 40,000 drug pushers and users and in the killing of more than 2,000 drug addicts in legitimate police operations.

President Duterte, who waged a successful war against illegal drugs in Davao City, said he won’t stop his intensified campaign until the last drug pusher is out of the streets.

In his recent media appearances, President Duterte has shown five-thick list of personalities, including 6,000 barangay officials, mayors, governors, lawmakers and policemen involved in illegal drugs.

He said drug problem is so huge that it has contaminated at least four million Filipinos, expressing fears that narco politics might take over if drug menace is not stopped soon.