PRC denies issuing warning to public to avoid going to malls due to security threats

MANILA — The Philippine Red Cross called on the public on Sunday to not believe in circulating social messages that the Red Cross is asking the public to avoid going to shopping malls because of security threats.

In the PRC facebook page, Senator Richard Gordon, chairman and CEO of PRC, denied that they issued advisories urging the public to refrain from going to malls due to the security threats,

“PRC does not issue security advisories as such can come only from the national government, particularly the security offices,” Gordon said in the post.

He appealed on the public to be prudent in believing and sharing unverified information that may cause unnecessary panic and fear.

Instead, he called on the public to remain reflective, deliberate and calm.

“Let us do our share by being constantly vigilant and alert as we continue our daily lives,” he said. PNA/