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TEHRAN — It’s easy to stick; it’s like sugar, sweet and easy and then we end up badly as corruption does not just exist in politics, it exists in all institutions, even in the Vatican.

‘Corruption is sweet like sugar, we like it, it’s easy but then we end up in a bad way. We become diabetic or our country becomes diabetic,’ said Pope Francis harshly, speaking at Nairobi Stadium, according to Italy’s AGI news agency.

‘Whenever we accept a bribe, we destroy our heart, our personality and our home country,’ roared the Pope.

The Pontiff said that the ‘half-heartedness’ of those who have consecrated their lives to the Church ‘to use it instead of serving in it ‘represents’ a sin.

And, on Friday, as he was visiting the slum of Kangemi, one of the areas which lacks services and 60 percent of the Kenyan population lives, he replaced those obscure figures with ‘the women who struggle heroically to protect their children from hazards in a context of indifference and hostility.’ PNA/IRNA

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