The Political Horsemen of Philippine Apocalypse: The Eternal Refrain

The Political Horsemen of Philippine Apocalypse: The Eternal Refrain
RAMON, ISABELA, Philippines — Spot the similarities and situations in the country’s 2016 polls and those in the 2004 political exercise.
In non-sequitur arguments, example becomes proof. Loren, who helped oust Estrada, poses with Jinggoy before the camera. Ergo, Jinggoy is honest, respectable.
Stretching further, courtesy of the deluded spokesman with a bigote, FPJ is holder of a Filipino passport. Ergo, he is a Filipino.
Let the lawyers debate the nationality of him who thinks he can lead the land of the balimbings and chambermaids and desert workers. This, while we have only coffee and stale bread for breakfast and politicians’ wives and daughters dine and shop in expensive Hong Kong and Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
Going back to Loren. Does the smile come from the heart? Is she not the lady who shed a tear during the impeachment trial? Does she want Estrada pardoned, echoing John Osmena who crossed over to the embrace of Gloria? What are her moral maxims?
Politics as a mass of lies, conspiracy, treachery, subterfuge and betrayal has reared its ugly head again.These mad dogs are salivating for the elusive bones–our votes that can be had for a price.
A reality is emerging. A high school dropout will lead us. We have gone down that road when we voted for the womanizer, the heel who plundered us and stole our money.
Never mind. Let the great unwashed show us the way. After all, the best minds (Enrile, Angara, Morales) are with them.
Because we never learn, we shall pay dearly. More beggars will stalk the golden land of our patrimony. Who cares?
Did Madame Auring prophecy, perhaps wrongly interpreting a parchment in Sanskrit, that a man in dark glasses, afraid of the crowd of critical minds and as silent as a dumb ox, will ascend the throne in the palace by the river? Can we shut those mouths singing hosannas to the high school dropout?
Why pursue excellence when the one-eyed Jack, the pea-brained, can become king? Why waste time, money and energy in college when graduates of the UP and Harvard pay obeisance to mindless icons and celebrities? — Guerrero Coloma/ 
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