Police Region 1 now focuses on ‘Double Barrel Alpha’

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO — Police Chief Superintendent Gregorio R. Pimentel, Regional Director of Police Regional Ofice 1 (PRO 1) has ordered the intensification of the anti-illegal drugs campaign with the implementation of the “Double Barrel Alpha” down to the lowest police units.

Pimentel stressed that the Double Barrel Alpha is very helpful to effectively and efficiently enforce operations against illegal drugs as this is an extension and expansion of the Project: Double Barrel.

Under this program, he said, the police now shifts its focus on the neutralization of high-value targets (HVTs) involved in the illegal drug trades as well as in drug clearing operations of all drug-affected barangays nationwide.

The PRO 1 director said that in almost a month since the start of Double Barrel Alpha on October 26 to date, around 268 personalities believed involved in illegal drugs were arrested and one was killed in police operation.

Of these, the Pangasinan police arrested 180 drug personalities; La Union police arrested 66; Ilocos Sur police, 11 Sur and Ilocos Norte police, 11.

For the same period, a total of 273,167 house visitations were conducted regionwide that resulted in the surrender of 1,223 drug personalities.

At least 963 surrendered in Pangasinan, 137 in La Union, 50 in Ilocos Sur and 73 in Ilocos Norte. The surrendered drug personalities signed their individual pledge of commitment vowing to stop their illegal activities and their support to the government’s anti-drugs program.

“The Double Barrel Alpha of the PNP is still anchored on the project HVT and Project Tokhang wherein the HVT will be given much more concentration by disrupting drug routes and limiting the use of the country as transshipment point of illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, “tokhang” will be extended and expanded to visitations of schools, business establishments, subdivisions and condominium.

On the other hand, “Taphang” or dialogue will also be employed to different strategic groups of people to persuade them not to use and/or push illegal drugs,” Chief Supt. Pimentel added. Leonardo Micua/PNA-northboundasia.com