MANILA — Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor on Wednesday said that the national police have nothing against the re-investigation of the Mamasapano incident case but recognize their priority in providing benefits to the families of SAF 44.

Mayor declared the PNP’s willingness to participate in the investigation if called in the Senate hearing.

“It has always been the aim of the PNP to seek justice of our SAF heroes as well as the benefits for their families. We respect the move of senator Enrile and we will fully cooperate with the investigation,” he said.

Moreover, PNP always recognizes their responsibility in providing the benefits from scholarship, financial assistance, insurances, awards and recognitions to the family of SAF44.

“On the part of the PNP, binibigay natin ang dapat ibigay sa kanila,” he said.

Asked if the re-opening of the case may cast rift between PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Mayor claimed that there are no gaps between two agencies as they are both professionally working together in helping the families of SAF44.

He added that the incident even helped them to work better in coordination. PNA /