PNP chief urged to ‘go beyond’ scolding cops

MANILA — Scolding police officers was “a good start” in the much-needed internal cleansing but it must go beyond that, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Friday urging Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to mete our punishment for rogue cops.

Lacson, who is a former PNP chief, said the public expects more positive action other than a strong reprimand.

“Magandang mensahe, symbolic ang push-up at ang mura and everything, but it should go beyond that (It is a good message, push-ups and cursing is symbolic and everything, but it should go beyond that),” Lacson said.

“What people are waiting for is, what else are the positive actions done aside from meting out the appropriate or commensurate punishment?” he added.

He said Dela Rosa should also take proactive measures to discourage police personnel from engaging in wrongdoing.

“After this, what will be done so that future incidents will no longer happen? That’s more important,” he said.

Dela Rosa, on Wednesday lashed out at police personnel tagged in the robbery-extortion of Korean tourists during a visit to Angeles City.

“I said there had to be impact. He can’t act slowly because slow does not work on cops,” Lacso said.

The PNP chief earlier told Lacson that the setup for an internal cleansing mechanism in the PNP will go full blast soon.