PNP activates explosive ordinance disposal, canine group

PNP activates explosive ordinance disposal, canine group

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine National Police on Monday activated its newly-organized National Operational Support Unit (NOSU), the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group (EOD/K9 Group).

Under Resolution No. 2016-277, National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) approved the creation of EOD/K9 Group as the primarily responsible for the management, deployment, utilization and development of EOD and Canine units of the PNP.

Sr. Supt Regimio B Gregorio, head of PNP-EOD/K9 Group said that will be getting more officers and men, firepower, mobility and equipment needed in conducting anti-explosive and bomb disposal operations.

He said that the EOD/K9 group is mandated to conduct safe disposal of all bombs and neutralization of hazards from chemical, nuclear, and improvised explosive devices (IED) that create threat to public safety, installation and utilities as well as to police operations and personnel. Also, it is task to conduct of post –blast and crime scene investigations.

EOD/K9 Group is also responsible for effective and standardized utilization and development of all Canine Units/Teams of the PNP as well as the procurement, inventory, breeding, training, deployment, distribution and management of all canines/working dogs of the PNP.

According to PNP Chief PDG Ricardo C Marquez, “the activation of Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group will bring forth more positive results in our campaign towards durable peace and order and solve problems involving explosive ordnance”.

Meanwhile, with the activation of EOD/K9 Group the Philippine Bomb Data Center (PBDC) shall continue to exist under the Directorate for Intelligence and mandated to provide technical intelligence reports to the EOD/K9 Group, other PNP units and law enforcement agencies, establish and maintain target list of suspected local and foreign terrorist, and gather and maintain data of all bomb related incidents. PNA/