Pinoy surfers fall in Siargao int’l surfing cup

GENERAL LUNA, Siargao Island — Several Filipino surfers failed to make it to the third elimination rounds on Monday, as the 23rd Siargao International Surfing Cup draws to a close.

Among those who got eliminated for scoring low were Arkipo Figuron, Dionisio Espejon, Carlito Nogalo and Philmar Alipayo, who won the all-Filipino championship Saturday, Sept. 23.

Alipayo, who was considered a strong contender and an early favorite, was outplayed by Hawaiian surfer Kiron Jabour and Raoni Montereiro from Brazil.

“The waves were too small during my heat and I committed a few mistakes,” said the 25-year-old Alipayo, a native of this town.

Fans who rooted for Alipayo expressed disappointment at his elimination, saying they were expecting a lot from him.

“I was quite upset (at Alipayo’s loss) but that’s the sports. There’s time for winning and there’s time of losing. We have to accept it,” said German national Rico Reteinbach, who is betting on Alipayo.

However, two strong Filipino contenders—John Mark Tokong, the International Surfing Cup 2015 champion, and Edito “Piso” Alcala, the 2014 champion—have already advanced to the next rounds on Tuesday (Sept. 26) by impressively winning their respective heats Monday.

Tokong and Alcala easily outscored their respective opponents with 18.17 and 17.83 points out of possible 20 points, respectively.

Alcala will be facing Indonesian surfer Rio Waida, Costa Rican Tomas King, and Hawaiian Barron Mamiya in the next eimination round, while Tokong will be up against Nic Von Rupp from Portugal, Gabriel Farias from Brazil and Harley Ross from Australia.

The 2017 Siargao International Surfing Cup has been upgraded to 3,000 points qualifying series from 1,500 points last year, attracting more participants across the globe with 103 foreign surfers. Roel Catoto/PNA –