Pinoy diver to star in Hollywood film

BORACAY Island, Aklan — A Filipino diver will play a starring role in an upcoming Hollywood movie on environment.

Benjie Tayag, a diver of the Sangkalikasan Producers Cooperative (SPC), said he had already met with award-winning Hollywood movie producer and director Will Harper.

Harper has been known to direct more than 100 films of different Hollywood stars including Clint Eastwood, Jamie Foxx, and Oprah Wnfrey, among others.

“The working title is dubbed as Earth: Code Blue. It is more than just an ordinary environment documentary. It has major focus on human cause-and-effect specially its impact on the less privileged. Its objective is to immediately raise awareness on a worldwide scale and call for immediate action citing dire consequences if nothing is done,” Tayag said.

Code Blue talks of a dying planet Earth whose resources on land, air and the sea are being used and abused by those driven by personal and corporate greed.

Fortunately, there is growing awareness of this alarming trend and remedial action is being taken by private parties and governments.

Code Blue touches on some of the conflicts between powerful forces on both sides, which has seen murder and other forms of violence.

On the brighter side of Code Blue highlights the heroic efforts of those who care and are making a difference.

The REEFBUD coral recovery project in Boracay, the Department of Science and Technology coral nursery and transplant program are but a few of them.

“I was asked what motivates us to do this. The answer is simple: we do or we die,” he said.

The said film has shoot locations in this famous resort island, Singapore and Indonesia. PNA/