PH’s leading rum maker expands gin market

PH’s leading rum maker expands gin market

MANILA – The Philippines has the largest gin market in the world with a total consumption of over 22 million cases per year, according to the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR).

In global terms, Philippine gin accounts for some 43 percent of the world gin market, IWSR data showed.

By 2023, the gin category is expected to reach 88.4 million cases worldwide.

The new leadership of Tanduay Distillers Inc. is capitalizing on these figures by distributing Ginto, its gin product, to the Visayas and more parts of Luzon.

Ginto was first distributed in Luzon, with the Greater Manila Area alone accounting for 94.9 percent of its market in 2017.

“We are making our products accessible to consumers by strengthening marketing efforts in existing distribution channels and expanding our reach to new territories,” Lucio Tan III, Tanduay president and chief operating officer, said in an e-mail interview on Tuesday.

Ginto will be aged in oak barrels, the first of its kind in the Philippines, according to Tanduay, which is more popular for its rum products.

Its barrel aging facilities house 200,000 oak barrels with a capacity of approximately 40 million gauge liters.

Tan said it is the company’s key competitive advantage as it will take 25 years for other companies to replicate.

He said barrel-aged gin has a classic, aged-spirit flavor like caramel, oak, vanilla, and smoke.

“If the barrels were previously used for other spirits, the gin also takes the flavor of that spirit,” he said. “Our Research and Development team found that gin can produce a variety of flavors when aged in oak barrels.”

In April, the company announced its global expansion after securing a partnership with United States wholesaler Hensley Beverage Company in Arizona.

The continued effort to grow the business amid the global health crisis has offered security for its workforce as well as new employment for Filipinos who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, Tan said. Christine Cudis / PNA –