In Photos: Laro ng Lahi

Target shooting, CHRISTINE JUNIO/
Residents from different Barangay in Bacnotan race using “kadang-kadang” or bamboo stilts. CHRISTINE JUNIO/
Residents play Palo Sebo, a traditional Filipino game. CHRISTINE JUNIO/
Lady resident successfully hits the Palayok, drawing cheers from the crowd. CHRISTINE JUNIO/
A lady peek over the fence to have a better view of the different games played at the Laro ng Lahi held at Bacnotan, La Union on Saturday as part of the Diro Festival celebration. CHRISTINE JUNION/
Contenders pull hard the rope to win the Tug-of-War. CHRISTINE JUNIO/
The Laro ng Lahi promotes camaraderie and teamwork and teaches the youth today the value of Philippine native games. CHRISTINE JUNIO/