Phase 1 of CCTV project in Baguio City now complete

BAGUIO CITY –- Baguio City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente on Tuesday, June 21 confirmed that 70 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras have been installed within the Central Business District (CBD) area as part of the citywide CCTV Surveillance System Project of the city government.

Clemente said the installation in the CBD completes phase 1 of the project with a PHP12 million budget which falls part of the city’s thrust to have an early warning system and ensure quick response to any type of situations including crimes and other forms of social disturbance in the city.

Clemente said the other components of Phase 1 are also on track which include the construction of the Centralized Command Center which is now 85 percent complete and the fiber cable trenching or excavation covering 44.7 kilometers now 55 percent complete.

The project aims to provide a “pro-active, aggressive and immediate” response to situations of public concern.

The entire system will serve as the nerve center of all city offices and agencies where all real-time events and information relating to public safety, security and even disaster preparedness can be monitored by a centralized command center and acted upon with dispatch by concerned agencies, Clemente said.

The city will also lay down the ground works including the executive and legislative foundation for the setting up of the command center to be housed at the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) to operate the system.

The second phase of the project will involve the installation of more CCTV cameras at the parks and areas near schools and establishments to prepare for the third stage or the so-called “enterprise automation” that will make all the components work as one system by 2018.

With enterprise automation, the city expects to run and maintain all systems including the CCTV footage monitoring, communication, traffic management, disaster preparedness and even criminal intelligence, Clemente added.

Similar facilities are now in place in Davao City, Makati City, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Manila. PNA/