PDEA adopts CSC sanction on personnel positive for drug use

MANILA — To demonstrate that it has the moral ascendancy to lead as prime implementers of anti-drug laws, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is adopting the sanction imposed by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on dismissal at first offense for public officials and employees who are tested and found positive for substance abuse.

PDEA Director General Isidro S. Lapeña said that the penalty of dismissal, which was unanimously agreed and approved during the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Supply Reduction Committee first regular meeting held last Jan. 26, has amended the sanctions stipulated under Section 2 of DDB Regulation No. 2 Series of 2004.

“The previous sanctions provide that any government personnel found positive for illegal drug use and penalized after disciplinary/administrative proceedings shall undergo the recommended treatment and rehabilitation program. But now we have adopted a one-strike policy of outright dismissal for offenders,” Lapeña said in a statement Sunday.

Under Article III, Section 36(d) of Republic Act 9165, or The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 mandates all officers and employees of public and private offices shall undergo a random drug test as contained in the company’s drug-free work place policy.

Any personnel found positive for use of dangerous drugs shall be a ground for suspension or termination, subject to the provisions of Article 282 of the Labor Code and pertinent provisions of Civil Service Law.

“Positive is negative. Tested positive for drug use is a serious flagrant violation of the anti-drug law, most especially done by persons who enforce the law themselves. In PDEA’s book, they deserved no second chance,” Lapeña noted. PNA-northboundasia.com