Pasuquin residents mourn death of century old tree

Pasuquin residents mourn death of century old tree

LAOAG CITY — Standing tall along the Maharlika Highway where commuters, farmers and weary travelers stop for shade or display their products, the century-old acacia tree fell Tuesday due to typhoons’ wrath, leaving town residents sentimental as of this time.

“Passing by the Pasuquin town hall and St. James Parish will never be the same again,” said 34-year old Benly Academia of Pasuquin town.

The tree fell due to prolonged rainfall and strong winds brought by typhoons “Gorio” and “Haitang” that rampaged Northern Luzon.

According to Academia, the huge old tree has been very useful as people watching parades usually stay under its canopy to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun. In the evening, drivers of 10-wheeler trucks carrying heavy loads bound to north or south stop there to rest and during market days, vendors of fruits and vegetables and other farm tools line up there conveniently.

“I think the old Acacia “Great tree” was a testimony to many happenings around its branches, secret meeting place of lovers, childhood sweethearts, petty quarrels between lovers. It was indeed a great big friend serving as the living witness of all lives and movements that surround the area where it stood for many long years,” said a netizen Edna Dumlao who saw an uploaded photo of the uprooted old acacia tree in Facebook as it caused traffic and power interruption while local authorities conducted clearing operation.

Residents hope they can find a similar sapling to replace the century old acacia and let it grow for another 100 years or more.

In a Facebook account of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, where the fallen old acacia tree was uploaded, an old photo of a funeral believed to be in 1950s resurfaced. It shows three 50-year old acacia trees in the background, including the fallen tree on Tuesday.

Today, only one acacia tree now remains in the area. LGA/