Pangilinan commits to stop passage of death penalty bill in Senate

MANILA — Sen. Francis Pangilinan on Tuesday committed to stop the passage of the death penalty bill in the Senate after the House of Representatives approved on third and final reading the measure restoring the capital punishment.

“We commit to stopping the death penalty in the Senate,” Pangilinan said.

He said that it was “saddening” how the minority in the House was not given the chance to debate the bill in full.

The senator further said that without the benefit of a full debate, it was not clear what reasons merit a constitutional return of the death penalty.

He also said that it was “unfortunate” that most of the people’s representatives voted for a bill that is proven worldwide to not work in reducing crime and victimizes the poor and powerless.

“We maintain that death penalty is cruel, degrading, and inhuman,” he added. Azer Parrocha/