Pangasinan village under probe for firearms possession

BINALONAN, Pangasinan — A village chairman of Pangasinan is now under investigation following his arrest in a raid in his house in Barangay Santiago, Binalonan at Wednesday where joint elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and the Binalonan police found several firearms, ammunition and an explosive.

Now under police custody is Manuel Pineda, 45, barangay chairman of Santiago, Binalonan, who was in his home when lawmen served a search warrant issued by Regional Executive Judge Eillen Aguilar of Branch 70 in Aguilar town. Pineda was already charged with violation of Republic Act No. 10591.

Found by lawmen in Pineda’s residence are one unit of homemade 12-gauge shotgun without serial number, one unit of homemade cal. 22 magnum rifle without serial number, one unit of colt caliber 45 with serial number 11635, nine pieces of live ammunition for cal. 45, three pieces of live ammunition for 12-gauge shotgun, one live rifle grenade with case, nine pieces of live ammunition for M16, four pieces of live ammunition for cal. 22 magnum, one magazine assembly for cal.45 and one magazine assembly for magnum cal.22.

The arrested suspect was listed as High-Value Target (HVT)/Drug Personality of CIDG Region 1.

The search was done in an orderly manner in the presence of the respondent Barangay Chairman and other barangay officials.

The raid, participated in by elements of the Provincial Public Safety Company from Alaminos City and Tayug town, was part of the Oplan Paglalansag program of CIDG. Leonardo Micua/