Pangasinan town seeks two more Guinness records

STO. TOMAS, Pangasinan –Thousands of people, including tourists, flocked here on Sunday to witness this town’s quest for Guinness Book of World Records on the longest line of tables and the longest picnic line.

Mayor Timoteo Villar expressed confidence that with the cooperation of the townsfolk, which they are known for, the locality can break the existing Guinness records.

The world’s Longest Line of Tables is held by Alexandria, Egypt at 4,303 meters, a feat it registered in June 2015. On the other hand, the Longest Picnic Line (boodle fight to Filipinos) was recorded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in July 2012.

Villar is optimistic that before the night will be over, new world records in these categories will be set as Sto. Tomas has already laid out, as of posting time, 2,437 tables each with a length of seven meters, where people will partake their dinner, that will consist of steamed rice, adobo con maiz and vegetables such as eggplant and okra cooked in vinegar.

The tables were made by the people of Sto. Tomas themselves.

The adobo con maiz, which will be partaken by the people together, is made, among others, by 3,600 kilos of pork out of 60 slaughtered pigs.

The food will be laid on top of fresh banana leaves.

Villar said Sto. Tomas already owns the world’s longest barbecue, which it earned sometime in 2008 when the mayor of the town was his aunt Vivien Villar, wife of Dangerous Drugs Board Secretary Antonio Villar Jr.

Sto. Tomas is the biggest producer of yellow corn, which it adopted as its One Town, One Product (OTOP). Leonardo Micua/