Pangasinan town now Guinness World Record holder

CALASIAO, Pangasinan — Calasiao town now officially holds the Guinness World Records for ‘Largest Rice Cake Mosaic’ a year after the town’s attempt in 2017.

Mayor Joseph Arman Bauzon announced the town’s feat to snatch the world record from Japan’s 64-square-meter rice cake mosaic during the street party on Sunday evening, which was the finale to the town’s Puto (rice cake) Festival this year.

On Dec. 8 last year, the officials and the whole municipality of this town formed a 209.37-square-meter rice cake mosaic as their entry to the Guinness World Records.

Engr. Melanio De Vera, designate tourism officer, said Monday the mosaic was made of about 300,000 small pieces of bite-size rice cake, the main and famous product of their town, cooked by the puto makers here.

“When we heard the news, everybody was jubilant. It was the fruit of everyone’s labor and we hope this would even more uplift our town’s famous product ‘puto’,” he said.

De Vera added this is the first time the town tried to earn a spot in the Guinness World Records, noting they are “very happy that they succeeded”. Hilda Austria/