Pangasinan police prepares for ‘Undas’

DAGUPAN CITY — The Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPPO) will deploy policemen near cemeteries and along the highways as early as October 28 as part of their security preparations for All Saints’ Day on November 1.

Chief Inspector Norman Florentino, PPPO spokesman and information officer, on Saturday said this is part of the yearly Oplan “Undas” being undertaken by the police aimed at securing people visiting the graves of their departed loved ones.

He said as early as October 28, many people will already be going to the cemeteries to clean the tombs of their relatives and may be bringing with them tools that may be considered deadly weapons.

“The policemen will prevent people from bringing in deadly weapons inside cemeteries, he said.

Florentino said that as in the past, a number of policemen will also be deployed along all the routes leading to the province and to various towns and cities to provide assistance to motorists as they anticipate crowds from Manila going back to their province to visit tombs of their relatives.

Town and city policemen are expected to tap their force multipliers to assist them to direct traffic during “Undas”, he added.

Florentino said checkpoints set up by the police in various parts of the highways are also in compliance with the renewed campaign by lawmen against criminals riding in tandem.

Policemen manning these checkpoints are flagging down mostly motorcycle riders to check their documents and also to see if they are carrying deadly weapons and contraband goods.

Motorists found to be in possession of drugs will be referred to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Florentino said.