Pangasinan cops searching for Ronnie Dayan up to La Union

DAGUPAN CITY — Operatives of the Pangasinan police have made searches as far as La Union in their bid to arrest Ronnie Dayan, driver and alleged lover of then Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila Delima, who is wanted by both the House and the Senate probing into alleged collection of drug money from convicted drug loads at the National Bilibid Prison.

This was bared by Supt. Jackie Candelario, deputy police provincial director for operations, saying that they have not found Dayan in Balaoan where one of his siblings is living and even at the premises of Holcim Cement in that town.

He said the searches in Pangasinan are not limited in Urbiztondo town where Dayan comes from but also in Mangatarem and other towns of Pangasinan where his other siblings and relatives are staying.

“But one thing is certain, his relatives in Urbiztondo are optimistic that Dayan is still alive, Candelario said.

He clarified that the warrants they were serving came not from the court but from Congress when Dayan refused to honor the invitation of lawmakers looking into the proliferation of illegal drugs at NBP.

Candelario said Dayan could not be found when the police served the warrant twice in his home in Barangay Galarin, Urbiztondo and in the adjacent houses of his relatives.

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) headed by Dante Jimenez and their lawyer Ferdinand Topacio earlier announced the reward for any one who can furnish valuable information that could lead to the Dayan’s arrest by the police.

The VACC believes that Dayan can refute or confirm allegations made by convicted drug lords at NBP that he collected money from them before the election to form part of the campaign fund of then DOJ Secretary Delima when she ran for senator.

Candelario said the police has lately relaxed its monitoring at the house of Dayan and those of his relatives as the more their abodes are being placed under watch by the police, the more Dayan will not show up.

There was a rumor that Dayan arrived at their house on the night of Oct. 24 on board a Toyota Avanza but when checked by the police, this actually did not happen.

A distant relative of Dayan, Pangasinan Second District Board Member Raul Sison, also a native of Urbiztondo, appealed to Dayan to now come out of his hiding so he can clear his name.