Pangasinan board seeks tighter security in provincial capitol

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan — The provincial board has sought tighter security at the premises of the provincial capitol and all 14 public hospitals being operated by the province to forestall any attack by terrorists or troublemakers, such as what happened in Marawi City and Resorts World Manila.

But sadly, the 180-member Provincial Security Guard (PSG) of the province has no firearm, no communications equipment, no training, no effective reporting system and also is unaware of its duties and responsibilities.

Fourth District Board Member Jeremy Rosario said he pities the provincial security guards who may not be able to protect the officials and employees in the event terrorists will attack the provincial capitol and any of the government hospitals operated by the province as they have no equipment to use.

The 180 security guards of the province are under the General Service Office (GSO) headed by Eva Gladish Domalanta. They are placed directly under Retired P/Inspector Alejandro Romero, the security supervisor of the province.

Eighty of the security guards are assigned at the provincial capitol and 100 are scattered in the 14 public hospitals operated by the province.

Board Member Rosario said he is mulling over the idea of proposing that the Provincial Security Guards be weaned from the GSO as a separate department.

He said the GSO is already saddled with too much administrative works and as custodian of provincial government properties and in charge of the purchase of supplies and equipment, it must not bother any more with supervision of security guards.

At the same time, he said he will propose for the purchase of 180 brand new hand guns and communications equipment for the security guards, as well as closed circuit television cameras to be installed in strategic places within the capitol compound.

He said there may be a need to buy metal detectors to detect any one bringing their firearms inside the provincial capitol.

At the same time, he sought a dedicated team of policemen to secure the provincial capitol during office hours daily and to train the provincial security guards. LVM/