Pangasinan has 12 leptospirosis cases in January

DAGUPAN CITY — At least 12 cases of leptospirosis had been registered in Pangasinan from January 1 to 31 this year, according to the Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Dr. Anna Ma. Teresa de Guzman, provincial health officer, said on Wednesday that the number of cases was higher this year than the same one-month period last year, which was only five.

Of the 12 cases registered in January this year, the biggest number at seven cases was registered in Dagupan City, said De Guzman.

There was no fatality registered for the first month of this year.

Most of those afflicted by leprospirosis are children 10 to 14 years old.

De Guzman advised the public in Pangasinan to be familiar with the symptoms of leptospirosis such as high fever, headache, chilling, vomiting, body pains, yellowing of the eyes and skin, stomach pain, loose bowel movement and skin rashes.

If any of these symptoms arise, the patient must be examined by a health professional or brought to the nearest hospital, she said.

De Guzman said leptospirosis could afflict a person if he or she wades in water infected by urine of rats and other animals, or bathes and swims in dirty water especially with an open wound. Ahicam Pasion/PNA