Pa, 3 Kids Perish In Fire

CAMP DIEGO SILANG, La Union – A 74-year old father and his three children were killed when their house was engulfed in flame in Barangay San Julian East, Agoo town Sunday.
Chief Inspector Silverio Ordinado, Jr., La Union police information officer, identified the fatalities as George Asprec, 74; his three stepchildren, Charlie Jhon Higuera, 10, Charmaine Higuera, 9, and Charles Mathew Higuera, 3.
Rescuers found the bodies of the victims burned beyond recognition.
Initial investigation showed that the fire was caused by an overheated electric fan.
Witnesses said the father tried to save the kids on the second floor; however, after he entered the room, the stairs were inflamed and they were trapped inside because the veranda room had iron railings that prevented their escape, according to the Bureau of Fire Protection.
Asprec was found embracing two kids inside the comfort or restroom, while the other victim was under a bed, where he sought cover.
Asprec’s live-in partner, who was not named and two unidentified other children managed to escape while their home was burning. Jun Elias/Northbound Philippines News 
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