P80.2-M fake items destroyed in Camp Crame

MANILA — Various government agencies on Friday destroyed counterfeit items worth PHP80.2 million at the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

Three heavy equipment vehicles from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) were used to crush the counterfeit goods such as signature bags, luggage, soaps, lotions, cutting blade, seasoning mix, pirated DVDs of local and foreign films at the PNP grandstand.

Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) Deputy Director-General (DDG) Teodoro Pascua, who also sits as vice-chair of the National Committee on Intellectual Property Rights (NCIPR); and PNP officer-in-charge, Lt. Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, were present during the led the ceremonial destruction with theme ‘Pagpapalakas ng NCIPR Kasabay ng Lumalagong e-Konomiya,’ is relevant and timely in the enforcement effort in the present digital age and online economy.

Of the PHP80.2-million amount of fake products, PHP58 million were seized by Bureau of Customs (BoC), PHP7 million of DVDs from Optical Media Board (OMB), PHP1 million worth of fake pharmaceutical products hauled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), among others.

Pascua said counterfeiters and pirates have aggressively utilized technology, digital platforms, and online intermediaries to sell counterfeit products and flourish its enterprises.

“The internet has created enormous opportunities for companies to promote and market their brands to consumers. However, its global reach, openness, and largely unregulated character have also created an avenue for the trade and distribution of fake products,” said Pascua, who is also Undersecretary of the Department of Trade Industry (DTI).

“A strategy that will integrate human and technological resources of the government, the private sector, and other key players, is vital to effectively combat the proliferation of counterfeiting and piracy given the increasing sophistication and methods employed in selling counterfeit products such as the use of IT, internet and electronic platforms,” Pascua added.

Pascua said the significant increase of seizures of counterfeit goods in the Philippines is attributable to the persistent efforts, commitment, and cooperation of the NCIPR member agencies.

“Coordination and collaboration as a primary and central strategy among NCIPR member agencies promote combination and unification of ideas, solutions, actions, and resources, and enhances efficiency in the delivery of NCIPR’s programs and activities,” he said.

From January to July this year, NCIPR prevented counterfeit goods with an approximate value of PHP13.73 billion before selling to the consumers

Based on the partially validated data of PHP1.83 billion, the majority of the fake items were cigarettes and alcohol products.

Pascua aims to effectively combat the proliferation of counterfeit and pirated goods giving the increasing of methods employed in selling them distributing them through internet and electronic platforms

For his part, Gamboa lauded the destruction of seized counterfeit and pirated products, and also commend the leadership of 12 agencies — DTI, IPOPHL, BOC, FDA, OMB, PNP, Department of Justice, National Bureau of Investigation, Department of the Interior and Local Government and the National Telecommunications Commission, for their dedication and commitment in solving the production and proliferation of counterfeit products which robs the country’s economy from much needed revenue and employment and also undermines ethical practices of the business sector the entertainment sector and basically all the sectors of society who will be helped with intellectual property rights.

“It is good that we destroy not only counterfeit products but also to apprehend the criminals behind the creation of fake products that are detrimental to our progress and destroy our youth,” Gamboa said in his speech at the 2nd ceremonial destruction of counterfeit goods this year.

Gamboa said that from 2016 up to September this year, the PNP has resolved illegal activities of piracy and seized counterfeit products amounting to more than P7 billion.

“The PNP is in full support to the NCIPR and IPOPHL as we are in consonance with our mission to deliver high-quality services to promote innovation and encourage , creation and utilization protection of and respect for intellectual property this is shown in PNP accomplishment in the implementation of intellectual property laws 2016 to September this year,” the PNP OIC said.

“We are in consonance with our mission to deliver high-quality services to promote innovation and encourage, creation and utilization protection of and respect for intellectual property,” he added. Christopher Lloyd Caliwan / PNA – northboundasia.com