P4.6M proposed for drug detox program in Ilocos Norte

LAOAG CITY -— The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte and the Department of Health have proposed a more than Php 4.6-million fund for the detoxification program of former drug dependents here.

For a period of three years, these former drug dependents who voluntary surrendered to the police will have a second chance to “renew” themselves under the government’s medical detoxification program.

In a June 27 Powerpoint presentation of Police Chief Inspector Lauro Milan on the three-year Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan (POPS PLAN) of the province from 2017 to 2019, he said all former drug users will be carefully assessed and later on undergo rehabilitation.

For the first year, at least Php 680,000 was proposed followed by Php 2 million each on the succeeding years.

The medical detox program covers some medical interventions to safely manage the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use.

It includes physical, mental and neurological exams, urine test, complete blood count, blood sugar, serum, creatinine, chest X-ray, and ECG.

Police record shows that there were 5,978 drug personalities who surrendered since July 1, 2016 up to this date.

In Ilocos Norte, Laoag City has the most number of drug surrenderers next to Badoc in the second district. The less populated towns of Carasi and Adams have the least number of surrenderers. LGA/PNA-northboundasia.com