Only 2 bodyguards allowed, PNP reminds poll bets

MANILA — A Philippine National Police (PNP) official on Friday reiterated that aspirants in the May 13 elections are limited to having a maximum of two security escorts.

“Let me reiterate the PNP’s strict adherence to all election related resolutions covering the carrying of firearms and employment of bodyguards. Everyone is reminded of the Alunan doctrine which allows only two security personnel under extreme cases subject to background investigation, threat assessment validation, and approval of the Commission on Elections (Comelec),” PNP spokesperson, Senior Supt. Bernard Banac said in a media forum in Manila.

With this, the PNP spokesperson assured that they are ready to perform their election duties.

“We have perfected the science of performing election duties. Our latest assessment is we do not foresee any major issue or concern that will seriously affect our performance of our election duty. So even before the election period, the PNP continues to establish plans and strategies in ensuring the security and order within our communities,” Banac added.

At the same time, he noted that aside from the mandated responsibilities of the PNP as a deputized agency of the Commission on Elections, police enforcement and public safety duties for election security operations are contained in the following eight-point position.

These include strict implementation of gun ban, intensified focused law enforcement operations, dismantling of private armed groups, early preparation of security and contingency plans, provide security to vulnerable candidates, limited reshuffle of PNP personnel, accounting of loose firearms and neutralization of guns for hire and criminal groups.

“This will strengthen our deep sense of responsibility in the upcoming elections and to minimize if not prevent the occurrence of violent incidents that may disrupt the conduct of the peaceful elections,” the PNP official added.

He also asked the support of the public on the security preparations of the government for the peaceful holding of the May 2019 elections.

“Your cooperation especially at the check points and compliance with the rules and regulations of gun ban,” Banac said.

“The PNP is also continuously reminding the active uniformed and non-uniformed personnel to remain apolitical and non-partisan during the entire election period,” he added.

Banac, who is also PNP-Public Information Office chief, expressed hope that their tasks would be successful just like what happened in past electoral exercises. Ferdinand Patinio/PNA –