NPC lauds President Duterte’s signing of EO on Freedom of Information

MANILA — The National Press Club of the Philippines (NPC) today joins the Filipino people in commending Pres. Rodrigo Duterte for signing the executive order on freedom of information (FOI).

While limited to the Executive Branch, still, this is one concrete step towards the promotion of transparency in all levels of government.

This new law can go a long way in empowering our people to make the right decisions in the future which was previously hampered by the culture of ignorance of government transactions and decisions perpetrated by past administrations.

By this act, Pres. Duterte has accomplished, in less than 30 days as Chief Executive what previous administrations have promised—but deliberately failed to deliver—since the restoration of our democracy in 1986.

By this decision, Pres. Duterte is also sending a strong message to the other branches of government, Congress and the Judiciary in particular, that it only takes political will and sincere commitment to the tenets of democratic rule, anchored on openness and transparency, to accomplish this fact.

It is now time for Congress and the Judiciary to follow the lead of Pres. Duterte — without recourse their own bureaucratic methods in addressing the call for transparency by our people in their respective spheres. Change, indeed, is the order of the day.

Heartened by this development, the NPC is now more brimming with confidence that also true to Pres. Duterte’s previous pronouncement, the problem of media killings and giving justice to our murdered colleagues, would be his administration’s next surprise gift to our people. PNA/