No More Shabu Factory In The Country?

CAMP FLORENDO, La Union – Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa disclosed here that there are no more shabu (amphethamine hydrochloride) laboratories being monitored in entire the country.
“We already dismantled all the shabu laboratories in the Ilocos and other regions of the country, but we have to be very vigilant because illegal drug traffickers will make other means to continue their illegal activities,” Dela Rosa said in a message during the 116th Police Service Anniversary here Thursday.
“The routes of illegal drug supplies, through the Bureau of Customs, were also discovered and stopped after the Senate and the House of Representatives investigated the entry of the P6.4 billion worth of shabu through the port of Manila,” he said.
“Their routes to supply thru Customs have been stopped and they (illegal drug traders) are now again looking ways to use the high seas for their illegal activities. They will go back to their old system of dropping their products in the sea. They will install a GPS (Global Positioning System) for their contacts with ground receivers, who will then collect the contraband goods along the shorelines,” he added.
“Bato” reminded policemen in Regions 1and 2 to strengthen the coastal regional border control points because these areas are close to China and Taiwan which are notorious in illegal drug shipments.  
“I expect you to further strengthen your regional border control points in the areas which are possible supply routes of illegal drugs coming in and out of the region. We must continue to finds ways to stop the flow of illegal drugs in the country,” he said.
Since the start of the drug war in 2016, the supply of illegal drugs have decreased significantly but he urged policemen not to relaxed so that the police’s efforts in the anti-drug campaign will not go to waste.  Northbound Philippines News