DAVAO CITY – The Community Environment and Natural Resources Office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources reminded all political candidates not to post their campaign ads on trees as this is prohibited and punishable under the Omnibus Election Code.

CENRO Officer Bernardino Juson said politicians violating election policy on posting of campaign ads could be sanctioned with prison correctional or suspension with six months and one day to six years imprisonment.

CENRO is the agency deputized by the Commission on Election resolution 6616 to remove campaign materials in public places outside the common poster areas.

Juson said, “Alam naman ng mga politiko na bawal mag kabit ng posters sa mga puno especially yung mga naka pako. Yung mga tao lang naman nila ang nag lalagay (The politicians know that putting especially nailing posters on trees are prohibited. Their supporters are the ones putting them).”

He said that during the 2013 election, there was one politician who came to their office to ask for forgiveness after noticing that his supporters nailed his poster on the tree.

Juson said the politicians were responsible even if their supporters were the ones who posted or nailed them on trees and other areas outside common poster areas.

He admitted that they also feared for their safety when they removed posters on the tree because some supporters thought they were from the opposing party.

With this, Juson asked the assistance of the Philippine National Police to ensure their safety while doing their job. PNA/