‘No law to ban Marcos burial at heroes’ cemetery’

‘No law to ban Marcos burial at heroes’ cemetery’

TUGUEGARAO CITY — It is legal to allow former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. to being laid to rest at the heroes’ burial as there is no existing law to prohibit such, a private lawyer here said.

Atty. Diosdado Maya said the burying of Marcos at the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ is legally allowed as there is no prohibition.

When asked about his opinion on Marcos burial at the heroes’ cemetery, Maya said the former dictator deserved to be treated as a hero and should be buried at the heroes’ cemetery because he contributed a lot for the betterment of our country.

“As a nation, we should move on from the darkness and into the light. We should not let divisiveness and hatred among us become part of our future,” the lawyer said.

Dante Tobias, former Akbayan leader and now a Civil Society Organization federation chair in Quirino, said our country had divisive politics in the previous leadership and it was now high time to move on and start real change.

“As a young leader of Akbayan in the past, I had experienced harassment as a result of the Martial Law but time has healed all the wounds,” Tobias said, adding that he respected the decision of President Duterte to allow Marcos be buried at the heroes’ burial.

Meanwhile, Dulceneah Dela Cruz, government employee, said Marcos did not deserve to be buried at the heroes’ cemetery.

“The former President should be buried in his hometown where he is loved by his family and townmates,” Dela Cruz added. PNA/MERVIN MERCADO-STRINGER/northboundasia.com