NLEX to upgrade roadway lights in Bulacan, Pampanga

NLEX to upgrade roadway lights in Bulacan, Pampanga

CITY OF MALOLOS, Bulacan – As part of its program to improve motorist safety and enhance customer experience, NLEX Corp. is set to upgrade over 1,300 roadway lights from the town of Balagtas in this province to San Fernando City, Pampanga, a 33-kilometer stretch.

Scheduled to start in February and targeted for completion by March, the project involves the replacement of the existing LED (light-emitting diode) lights to increase illumination or brightness level to 20 lux from the previous 16 lux, making it easier for drivers to see at night, and increase road awareness.

“This move aims to standardize our lighting and provide uniform luminosity of roadway lights for the entire NLEX system – from Balintawak all the way to areas in the north. At NLEX, we go beyond what is required by providing our motorists with adequate lighting for safer travel, as well as helping the environment by lessening our carbon footprint,” NLEX Corp. president and general manager J. Luigi Bautista said in a statement.

He said compared to the conventional type of roadway lighting, LED lights are more energy efficient, reliable, and durable since they can last an average of 70,000 operating hours.

“They are compact and work well in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions including typhoons. In addition, LEDs have good color rendering index or the ability to reveal the actual color of the object, which is very beneficial for night driving,” he said.

The NLEX official also said this type of light will provide higher vision range for drivers, making it easier to read road and warning signs in advance, as well as help reduce glare from vehicle headlights.

He said the lights that will be installed at the NLEX are similar to those LEDs being used abroad, and even exceed the 12 lux standard of the Department of Energy.

LED lights are also eco-friendly as they emit less heat and therefore minimize greenhouse gas emissions, he added.

NLEX Corp. has been regularly implementing enhancement works on its expressways as it strives to deliver paramount service to its customers.

On top of the routine maintenance activities such as roadway sweeping, grass cutting, tree pruning, and drainage cleaning, the tollway company also embarks on regular pavement repairs and lighting replacement.

In 2017, NLEX extended the lighted portion of the expressway alongside the construction of new expressway lanes in the said segment.

Last year, it completed the replacement of 1,078 interchanges and median LED lighting from NLEX Balintawak to Tabang. It has also heightened the illumination of the said lights from 12 to 20 lux. Manny Balbin / PNA