NGCP averts possible power shutdown in Cagayan, Apayao

TUGUEGARAO CITY — A potential power shutdown affecting large areas of Cagayan including the entire province of Apayao has been averted after crew from the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) successfully implemented a court order allowing them to do repair works on two transmission towers in a private lot, whose owner has long been uncooperative with the power transmission operator.

Two power transmission lines, woodpole structures 39 and 40, are on the brink of collapse after excessive excavations of the lot where they stand have been made due to some developments made by the owner, Deltra Multi Corporation, a company owned by former Tuguegarao City Mayor Delfin Ting.

The excavation left the structure standing precariously on an unreinforced spot of soil 40-feet high.

NGCP North Luzon Communications Officer Lilibeth Gaydowen confirmed this as she provided photos of the structure in the social media. She also revealed that even the guy wires that protect the structures from falling have also been removed because of the diggings.

In a statement released by NGCP through its social media account, it said, “NGCP immediately requested a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from the court to access the property of Mr. Ting who refused the grid operator entry to conduct much needed inspection and line maintenance.”

With the court order which was served Thursday afternoon, NGCP personnel have entered the property and done some corrective works on the structure the following day.

NGCP has resorted to asking the court intervention because of the refusal of Mr Ting to allow access into his property unless NGCP pays rental for the temporary right of way (ROW) easement and additional payment for the ROW of a new transmission line project, the Tuguegarao-Magapit 230 KV line.

“ NGCP operations and projects cannot be disrupted by these kinds of setbacks. Ting has been giving us a hard time in maintaining our existing 69 KV line and in securing ROW for the new 230 KV line, NGCP follows the right process in securing the ROW, he should course this through the right legal avenues instead of disrupting our operations.

“For our part, we will pursue our mandate of operating, maintaining, and expanding the country’s transmission network”, it said.

For his part, Delfin Ting, in an interview conducted by Bombo Radyo-Tuguegarao gave two reasons for his refusal to allow NGCP personnel into his property.

He said he wants “only legitimate NGCP personnel to do the negotiations with him” as he appealed to the company not to send ‘messengers.’ He said he wants to talk to key officials of the company.

Ting also pointed out, “NGCP has long been promising him payment which has not yet been made up to now.”

Meanwhile, sources said the two lots, where the two transmission structures stand since 1980s, were acquired by Ting only in 1998 and 2002. Vivian de Guzman/Stringer/