NGCP assures stable power supply on election day

NGCP assures stable power supply on election day

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has started implementing contingency plans to ensure a stable power supply days prior to the national and local elections on May 9.

In a statement, the NGCP said that the power grid is “aligning our efforts with the Department of Energy and the rest of the power industry to ensure a blackout-free May elections.”

Beth Ladaga, the NGCP spokesperson, said that as early as February this year, the company has been in close coordination with the Department of Energy to monitor the power outlook on the day of the elections.

As System Operator, NGCP is closely coordinating with generators to ensure sufficient power supply and reserves, Ladaga said.

She said that the continuous flow of electricity from generators to distributors through the power grid facilities would benefit customers who depended on the NGCP’s power transmission services.

NGCP has also been preparing its facilities and deploying its resources to be responsive to any incident that may affect transmission services during the election period.

Ladaga said that some of the contingency measures put in place included the suspension of line and equipment maintenance and testing activities two weeks before and one week after election day to make sure that all facilities were on-line and available from casting to the counting of the votes.

In case of power interruption, the grid operator will be ready to deploy its strategically placed aircraft, emergency restoration structures, and spare parts for faster line inspection and restoration, she said.

NGCP will also activate its Overall Command and Control Center at its headquarters, regional and district offices, 24/7 a day before and after the elections as the main monitoring and information centers.

The company has also conducted its annual Tabletop Blackout Drill to simulate blackout scenarios, and review its protocols and procedures during such cases.

The drill is done on a yearly basis in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with other power industry stakeholders to reiterate roles and responsibilities during a grid-wide power interruption, Ladaga said.

“This year, we give special focus on the elections because transmission service is crucial in the conduct of a clean and peaceful elections,” she said. Lakambini Diaz/ PNA/