Newly appointed MMDA Chair Lim to instill strict discipline in agency

MANILA — Newly appointed Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Danilo Lim has vowed to eradicate corruption in the agency by imposing strict discipline among its employees.

Lim formally assumed office Tuesday.

He said he has ordered an audit of all existing equipment, vehicles and personnel of the agency. He would also probe into previous contracts and other transactions the agency has entered into.

“I ask for the support and cooperation of everybody. I am not here to make anybody’s life difficult. Let us all work together for a better Metro Manila,” the new MMDA chairperson said during a meeting with the agency’s officials and directors.

Lim also assured that laws will be strictly enforced to improve the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

“At this time, I will not be introducing any fancy traffic scheme. By going back to basics I meant strict adherence to our existing laws, practicing a culture of discipline, road courtesy, and changing the habits of the people,” he said.

President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed Lim to replace Thomas Orbos who was acting MMDA chairman and general manager. Orbos will retain his position as MMDA General Manager.

The retired brigadier general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) had served as Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs under the administration of former President Benigno Aquino III, from September 15, 2011 to July 23, 2013. ABP/