Newcastle disease detected in Palawan poultry farms

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Philippines — The contagious Newcastle disease that affects domestic and wild avian species has been detected in poultry farms in several municipalities in Palawan, according to recent findings by the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO).

Dr. Juanito Lledo and Dr. Carla Limsan of the PVO both said they had confirmed reports that poultry animals in the towns of Coron and Roxas in northern Palawan, and Brooke’s Point in the southern part, had been confirmed to be showing signs of having the Newcastle disease.

According to researches, “depending on the strain of the virus and the health, age and species of the host, the incubation period of Newcastle disease is from two to 15 days.”

“An infected bird or domestic fowl may exhibit several signs, including gasping and coughing, depression, in appetence, muscular tremors, drooping wings, twisting of the head and neck circling, complete paralysis, swelling of tissues around the eyes and neck, reduced egg production, and diarrhea.”

In the municipalities mentioned, Lledo and Limsan said poultry animals had shown signs of having secretions from nose, have no appetite, and weakness that cause them to die.

Other municipalities, like Culion and Linapacan, have also called to report the same observation from their poultry animals.

Lledo said that because of this, they had created a task force called Emergency Response on Newcastle Disease (ERND) to make appropriate responses to the problem.

He said poultry animals that show symptoms of Newcastle disease should be separated from the rest and quarantined. The rest should be vaccinated.

The task force shall also take charge in monitoring the whole province against the Newcastle disease, Lledo said. PNA/