Incoming PNP Chief vows to resign if he fails to reduce criminality, drugs within 3-6 months

MANILA — Incoming Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa will resign after six months if he fails to reduce criminality and drugs in the country.

Dela Rosa would personally ask President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to sack and replace him if he fails to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs within the three-to-six months target.

“I will step down if you see me as a failure. If I will not deliver a good result in six months. I will surrender and I will tell him (Duterte): ‘I cannot do it, please release me, let me go’,” Dela Rosa said in an interview at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Dela Rosa aims to accomplish the anti-criminality and drugs campaign within the three to six months timeframe and he will make every effort to attain.

The center piece of the Duterte administration is peace and order and the plan to reduce criminality and corruption within the said time frame

Dela Rosa is set to focus on eliminating drugs while reducing other forms of crime as well.

” We need to get rid of those first then at the same time, we need to eliminate all other forms of crime,” he said.

While admitting that he is indeed a junior compared to the other qualified senior police officers, dela Rosa said what he could offer is his sincerity as head of the national police organization.

Dela Rosa said he would replicate the peace and order strategies which he developed and implemented in Davao City in various police offices across the country.And part of it is a regular assessment of the performance of the police commanders, from regional directors to town police chiefs, to determine if they still have to stay on the job.

“Three months after their appointment, we will evaluate their performance if they measure up on the expectation of the public,” said dela Rosa.

According to Dela Rosa they will conduct a lifestyle check among the force to remove officials involved in illegal activities.

“We will do every approach — legal or illegal — to stop these officials from doing just the same act over again,” he insisted.

The incoming PNP Chief said that he also wanted the station commanders of each police station to be more engaged in the field to help the reduction of petty crimes.

”We will assign district directors in Metro Manila. We will make sure that these directors are not just hired to do office works but also field works,” Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1986, used to be the provincial director of Davao Oriental before he was appointed as director of the Davao City Police.

He also serve as executive director of the Directorate for Human Resources and Doctrine Development, to earn his first star which he did a few month ago. Christopher Lloyd Caliwan/PNA/