NBI probes into 2 synthetic drugs sold in Pasay concert

MANILA — The National Bureau of Investigation-Anti Illegal Drugs Division (NBI-AIDD) is now investigating whether the two new synthethic drugs were sold to the party-goers in a concert in Pasay City last May 21.

The two synthethic drugs are MDMA methylene homolog or ecstacy which were mixed with laboratory chemical and synthetic cathinones with a street name of bath salts which were seized by the NBI from Joshua Habalo during their buy-bust operation.

Habalo was one of the suspects who sold the illegal drugs in the concert in Pasay City.

NBI-Anti Drugs Division Chief Joel Tuvera on Tuesday said that they are now investigating whether the two deadly synthetc drugs were among those sold in the concert-goers.

Tuvera said they were now also locating the whereabouts of the four persons whom Habalo claimed were the suppliers also of the drugs in the Pasay concert.

Tuvera noted that Habalo was already charged with a complaint before the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office after he turned positive of cocaine, the white powder seized from him in the buy-bust operation.

However, Tuvera clarified that because the two synthetic drugs were still not included in the list of prohibited drugs by the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), the same were not among the basis of the complaint against Habalo.

Because of this, Tuvera admitted that the syndicates were circumventing the law through the sale of the new kinds of drugs. PNA/northboundasia.com