Nat’l Food Authority assures enough rice supply in Cagayan province

TUGUEGARAO CITY — The National Food Authority (NFA) here has assured that Cagayan province has a sufficient supply of rice for the first quarter of the year.

NFA provincial manager, Emmanuel Villanueva, said Cagayan has 15,000 bags of rice stocked in warehouses ready to be dispatched anytime it is needed.

He also said that there are 30,000 sacks of ‘palay’ stored in the province, ready to be utilized in case rice stocks are not enough for the consumption of Cagayanos.

“We have rice surplus. In fact, the production of rice here exceeds the expected consumption. We even send rice supplies to other provinces,” he said.

Villanueva said for Cagayan, there has been enough supply, even in the face of calamities last year.

He said they have also conducted a surprise inspection of various NFA rice retailers and commercial dealers here to ensure that the prices of NFA rice are at PHP27 to PHP32 per kg.