NAPOLCOM denies ‘reinstatement for sale’ claims

MANILA — National Police Commission vice chairman and executive officer, Atty. Rogelio Casurao, on Wednesday denied the existence of the alleged “reinstatement for sale”, as the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption has claimed.

Casurao said that from 2003 to Oct. 2013, the commission filed administrative cases against 143 members of the Philippine National Police (PNP), and 98 were dismissed from service.

He however explained that the dismissals are appealable to the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government or the Civil Service Commission. “Decisions may be further appealed to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court,” he said, adding that 17 policemen were reinstated from 1993 to 2012.

Casurao further noted that the commission has disposed of 712 cases in only 10 months.

To expedite the cases against erring policemen, he said the commission has been conducting regular monthly en banc deliberations, and has adopted a new set of procedures, stopping the trial-type proceedings.

“The NAPOLCOM sees the gravity of the allegations and we at the commission assure the people that we will not tolerate police officers whose despicable acts smear the image of the PNP,” Casurao said, urging the public to provide information against rotten eggs within the police force.