Names in new drug matrix verified — Andanar

Names in new drug matrix verified — Andanar

MANILA — Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on Thursday assured the people that the latest matrix revealed by President Rodrigo Duterte underwent a thorough validation.

In an interview with GMA network’s anchor Kara David, Secretary Andanar explained that this is the reason why the President has restrained himself from showing the matrix in its entirety, until all the persons listed there have been confirmed to be involved in the country’s drug problem.

The Secretary said the matrix is a product of combined intelligence efforts of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“Just like the matrix before, those mentioned in the President’s previous revelations are given the chance to submit their counter affidavits indicating that they have no involvement in whatsoever capacity in the illegal drug trade.”

If the PDEA and the PNP are satisfied and have prima facie evidence against the persons, charges will be filed against them, just like the two ex-generals who were named by the President, Andanar said

On the matter of Senator Leila de Lima, Secretary Andanar said that the President has strong evidence against the former Justice Secretary who was also in charge of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) where drug lords are allegedly operating.

“We know Senator De Lima is no ordinary person. She is a Senator of the Republic and President Duterte would not mention her name if he did not have the evidence to back the claim.” Andanar said.

Another former official, Francisco Baraan III who was an Undersecretary at the Department of Justice (DOJ) denied involvement, but indicated that he would present his side when he is formally charged. PNA/