SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union-Vice- President Jejomar Binay said here Friday that if he wins the presidency in 2016, his administration will not take revenge against his political rivals.

“The Binay presidency will be a healing and unifying leadership,” he told reporters during a media forum here.  He vowed to erase the public perception that if he becomes president, he will jail his family’s accusers and tormentors.

Binay was indirectly hitting the Aquino administration for its ill-treatment of former President Gloria Arroyo who, he said, has been detained despite the absence of solid evidence in the charges filed against her.

Such act toward the former president only shows the vindictiveness of the present administration against their political enemies, he said.

“They are making it hard for ex-President Arroyo–you can see her present situation– that she may go anytime,” Binay said, noting that her motions to bail have not been granted.

He added that the charges against him and his and  son, suspended and eventually dismissed as  Makati Mayor, Erwin Junjun Binay, were all unfounded.

“They conspired against us while their allies are being acquitted one after the other,”  he said.

He also claimed that the ouster of former Chief Justice Renato Corona in the impeachment trial was a major conspiracy between the executive and legislative branches of government.

He said that during Arroyo’s presidency, he was was also treated badly when he was mayor of Makati. William Jun Garcia/NorthboundPH